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I’m annoyed *spoilers* RE6

The hospital part. With Jake and Sherry.

I’ll get into my review on everything with the campaign later when I complete it all.

My problem is with Sherry in the hospital.

*face palm* yeah just sex Sherry up Capcom. Boobs almost popping out. Ass almost being shown and Jake looking (even though that was funny). But c’mon, she was hardly wearing anything. They could have put her into something less revealing than that -.-

Now I know what many will say. “She’s not a little girl anymore so it’s no big deal.” “It was a hospital gown.”

Blah fucking blah. Yeah but this game is being disrespectful to the character by making her this “bombshell” bullshit. Sure, she kicks major ass. At least they didn’t fail on that. But do they really have to just… *sigh* w/e. It just bothers me. They can show her sexy side without doing all of this dumb stuff. Just my opinion.

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