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Shinji Mikami likes Rebecca Chambers the least

Resident Evil‘s leading ladies have for the most part been consistently strong, independent women, capable of getting elbow-deep into the situation just as much as their male counterparts.  Sure, there may be some odd alternate costume choices here and there, but there’s never really been any doubt that they could get the job done while being moderately dressed, even if they are in heels.  During an interview with The Guardian, the father of survival horror Shinji Mikami discusses some feelings about the portrayal of women in games.  Specifically, in his games.

"I don’t know if I’ve put more emphasis on women characters, but when I do introduce them, it is never as objects.  In some games, they will be peripheral characters with ridiculous breast physics.  I avoid that sort of obvious eroticism.  I also don’t like female characters who are submissive to male characters, or to the situation they’re in.  I won’t portray women in that way.  I write women characters who discover their interdependence as the game progresses, or who already know they are independent but have that tested against a series of challenges."

Pretty much describes a lot of Resident Evil’s leading women, right?  Well…

"If I had to name the woman character I most disliked in my games, it would be Rebecca Chambers.  She’s submissive, she’s not independent.  I didn’t want to include her but the staff wanted that kind of character in the game, for whatever reason.  I’m sure it made sense to them.  And in Japan, that character is pretty popular."

You can check out the rest of the interview over at The Guardian


I fear Revelations 2 won’t sell enough. Due to fans not wanting the game because Alyson Court isn’t part of it. I’ve seen her answer fans who have said they won’t buy the game. Makes me sad a bit since they are jeapordizing Claire’s role in this series.

ɪs ᴀ Fᴀᴍɪʟʏ ᴛʜɪɴɢ. 
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In Code Veronica Chapter

She was absolutely gorgeous in this entire game.
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Welcome back, Claire! - Art by Yoyogin
(After 14 years, Revelations 2 is Claire’s return to the mainline series)

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I don’t even think Alyson was being serious with that tweet anyways. She was more than likely joking. I’m sure she has respect for Capcom and whoever they bring in as the new VA. 

people getting mad at that tweet lol. lord. 



Yes, Alyson doesn’t own the character. But she’s been voicing that character for many years. It was one of the jobs that made her so popular with fans around the world. She got close with Claire Redfield and brought her voice to the character. Sit the fuck down if you think she should have no say with what Capcom does with Claire Redfield. With the character she made fans fall in love with, and would happily voice no matter what because she puts her talent and passion into that character.

I fucking love you littlemissredfield. Whenever I see your matter posted here, you always speak the truth.

Claire is her own character and has her own personality, but one of her most vital core essences is her voice. Alyson brought the character to life and gave her a distinctive charm that only certain voice actors can do with characters. (Example: how Mark Hamill’s famous for his VA for the Joker) 

Taking Alyson away is like taking a chunk of who Claire is away. Why can’t people understand that? She’s been voicing Claire for as long as she existed.

I’ll say it again: No one deserves the role of Claire more then Alyson. End of discussion.

Thank you. And to those saying we are “crying over a stupid voice”, are you kidding me? lol. I guess you never loved a character, book, show, anything that it would anger you if something was done that you dislike? If you’re going to say your opinion, at least be respectful to other opinions. 

Being an asshole towards others isn’t you having an opinion.

I cannot stand this fandom, jfc.